Competitor presentation

Are you a competitor and are you interested in B-STOF?
Whether it's your first competition or you're a seasoned driver, here's all the information about this event and its preparation.

What is the B-STOF Spirit ?

The B-STOF (pronounced 'Best of', otherwise it's more complicated ...) is the little name of the Team Trophy. And here the keyword is: team .


First, because B-STOF is the only one competition in the genre ...

But above all: we have noticed that on the one hand there are young competitors just waiting to be accompanied in their progression; and on the other, good - or very good drivers, spread all over France, who communicate the desire and the means to progress.

The B-STOF, it is thus this meeting, this moment of sharing, accompaniment, transmission, emulation, all combining progress, the spirit of conviviality and security.

For this reason, the B-STOF is open to all levels of competitors. And the test takes place a long time (typically: a week). Because training is based on repetition and volume; but also because this format makes it possible to take advantage of weather conditions and to limit risks.

Results: we had many pilots, ages 16 to 73, many of whom broke their personal distance records.

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A success always at the rendezvous!

The current format of B-STOF is in line with several experiments:

  • 2007: Coupe de Plaine at Piedrahita (Spain)
  • 2009: the first B-STOF competition, destined for category B (today Sport) in Laragne-Chabre (Hautes-Alpes);
  • li> In 2014, the CDVL78 launches the first edition of the B-STOF under the 'Team Trophy' format in Saint-André les Alpes. 65 pilots cover 5 races in a particularly mild weather.
  • In 2016, the second B-STOF launches the team avatars mode, and the good mood of the 112 drivers joyfully animates the deco.

The next B-STOF is planned for 2018, still in Saint-André les Alpes, to capitalize on this experience and make the event more rewarding, ever more stimulating and shared.

Moreover, with a rhythm now bi-annual, the team Today, a volunteer is focusing on anchoring competition and its unique spirit in the landscape of gliding competitions. It is thanks to the participation of everyone, and of course under the impetus of the competitors themselves.

The team spirit, before, during and after the competition

To popularize this innovative format, B-STOF volunteers are looking for ways to promote team spirit. Once the site is ready, you can connect with your favorite networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. will be integrated as and when) to share your photos, your videos, your flight printing, but also your experiences, and why not your strategies? You will find the tools to make the name and emblem of your team come alive and shine before, during and after the event, and if possible beyond the circle of paragliders.

The competition

The test is designed to promote collective and safety.

The rounds

There are several types of rounds:

  • Preferably, they are free legs, with a zone of evolution as wide as possible;
  • Eventually, the director The race can be oriented towards a minimum time - and in this case, the distance to be covered will be as great as possible;
  • Exceptionally, the race may be oriented towards a Race to the goal.

    It defines also the race schedules, ensuring:

    • to open the departure window as early as possible (10.30 or 11.00), as well as possibly closing it for security reasons;
    • that the start time is close to the opening of the take-off window;
    • and that the end of the race schedule is (2h before sunset for organize any eventual

    During his briefings, he will also be able to specify whether re-launching is allowed during the window.

    No chrono, a playground and a window as wide as possible, avoid congestion and stress, while making the most of the weather conditions of the day!

    The ranking

    An individual score and ranking is established based on the sum of the points obtained by each driver in each round.

    • The B-STOF is aligned on the FFVL standards, and uses Cargol for the scoring of the heats;
    • The individual points obtained per heat are entered in the permanent classification of the FFVL to the Sport category. They also count for the national ranking of the FFVL, as well as in the regional rankings according to their particular method of calculation.
    • Moreover, the competition is registered in FAI2 to give points WPRS on the base of the final general classification and possibly attract foreigners.

    The individual scores of the members of a team determine the collective classification, with a particularity: the points of the first and the last drivers of the round are excluded from the count. The aim is, on the one hand, to reward the group strategy by avoiding the personal game bonus of the first, but also to avoid the stress of the beginner who would fear to drown his team. Thus, for a team of 4 drivers, only the points of the 2nd and 3rd drivers count for the round.

    The general classification is the sum of the results of the round by the team, without rejecting any round. / p>

    And in fact, it works: experience shows that pilots who choose to fly together are more efficient;)

    How to build the teams ?

    Inscription sur le site

    The site is designed to help you define and support your team before, during, and after the event.

    Registration on the site is not a substitute for official registration. You will still need to register on the FFVL website, which will receive your payment.

    In order to harmonize the level of the teams, the accumulation by team of points in the permanent ranking is capped. To form the team, we ask you to fill in your FFVL license, or by default your points in the permanent ranking. We also invite you to fill the wing with which you will compete. If it does not exist in the list, you can ask us to add it in the database and it will in turn be available for other competitors (thanks).

    We also ask you your contact details (email, telephone) - to be contacted by the volunteer team or by a teammate.

    Join a team

    If you are a competitor and do not have a team yet, go to the teams page. Depending on your ranking, a button will give you the opportunity to apply to join a team.

    You can only be a candidate for one team at a time. If you want to join another team, cancel your previous application.

    Create a team

    When you create a team, you automatically become the captain. As such, it is up to you:

    • to provide the communication relay with the organization and the test director;
    • to administer the conditions of the admission of the other drivers.
    • to define the information of the team in link (it is better) with your teammates.
    Note that in the current version of the site, you must contact the site administrator if you wish to transfer this role to another member of the team.

    Invite and select teammates

    When you have created your team, you can be joined by other drivers, as long as the sum of your points does not exceed the maximum per team. When a driver knocks on your door, you will receive an email notification. You will be able to consult the driver profile, contact him, and validate - or invalidate - his request.

    But you can also reserve places to invite your own teammates. In this case, indicate their email addresses in the field provided for this purpose - if possible as soon as the team is created. When they visit the teams page, they will be able to join your team directly, without validation from you.

    < You do not have to book all the seats on your team. For example, if the number of drivers per team is set to 4, you can invite / reserve the place of one or two drivers. The remaining spots will then be available to pilots looking for a team.

    Renseigner les informations d'équipe

    Your time is precious and we are aware of it. Also, we have made it short.

    To contribute to the emblematic team spirit of B-STOF, we ask you to define at least:

    • a team name
    • a badge (emblem)
      In lack of inspiration? You can consult the 2016 edition to find ideas, and perform a simple search on the Internet, for example 'Nose Art' on Google. Flickr and Pinterest are also good sources if you have keywords.

      We do not commercially exploit these images, so a simple user license is appropriate.

      Choose graphic shapes that are simple and straightforward to read, even in small formats.

      It is not necessary to have the exact image. Download the photo (or even better, the design, the drawing ...) that best represents your choice. And if necessary, we will take care of retouching your badge to make it stick better to the graphic charter of the B-STOF.

    • and a currency

    It belongs to the captain of the team, in consultation with his teammates, to inform these elements

    As long as the official registration of the team is not confirmed, you can edit them.

    Change your team

    Until the official registration has taken place, and your team is not confirmed by the Publishing Administrator, you can leave the team to change.

    Your ex-captain will receive a notification that his team is again incomplete. Remember to warn him before clicking the button ...

    Dissolve a team

    It may be that at the end of the adjustments of the teams, you will have to choose to join another team. No worries ... unless you are captain of a team containing drivers.

    Indeed, nothing prevents you from disabling a team in which you are alone. We will not blame you! But if you leave behind orphaned pilots, it's average ...

    The solution is simple: contact your teammates to explain your choice.

    • If they agree with you to disband the team, ask them to leave the team. And when you are the last, you can then dissolve it;
    • If you want to keep the team, you have to transfer your captain's stripes to one of the remaining members. < Contact the site administrator to perform this operation.

    The official registration

    The official registration is made on the FFVL website on the date indicated on the page of the edition.

    You will then have to enter the name of the team in the input field. free.

    At the end of your registration, the publishing administrator will confirm your registration on the FFVL and on the site, and then validate your team.

    From from this moment, it will not be possible - except in exceptional cases - to change teams.

    Team strategies

    The pilots can prepare their flight in team, fly in team, manage the recoveries in team, debrief in team ... and more if affinity. And each team is free to use a shuttle driver.

    Radio & Communication

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    The question of radio communications between members of a team is negotiating with the FFVL.


The Race Director conducts a general briefing the day before or the morning of the first leg (Saturday for Sunday). Then, the Race Director makes a first daily briefing, each morning at a fixed time, to the Race PC, around 9am or 10am depending on the site, in order to communicate the weather information and to decide if the day is not good or not.


The pilots decide freely and individually on their takeoff, their run and their course. They manage much of their security.


For safety reasons, but also to facilitate the follow-up of the competition and the recovery of the shuttles, a tracker will be assigned to you individually for each round, given during the mandatory take-off score, and returned at the end of each round.

This tracker returns your track on livetrack24 . You will have to keep it on for as long as you have it in your possession.

Note also that organization of the B-STOF plans to broadcast the competition live.

Shuttle buses and recoveries

Each group is autonomous to go up to take off and ensure the recovery of its drivers (not to mention that the free round gives a loopback bonus). The organization does not offer official recovery (possibly along the main axes of the sector).


Registration for the competition includes:

... Last but not least : the competitor pack !

And it's not over. You will receive the competitor pack with:

We will also meet on the ground - or the refreshment room of the school Aérogliss - to share moments of conviviality, with a sharing of lots of our partners, drawn from fate or competition.

And of course, the trophy of the competition will be offered to the four members of the 3 winning teams ...

On your marks ...!


Until when can I register?

You can register as long as the number of competitors and teams remains below the maximum set by the administrator of the edition concerned.

Are there any enrollment priorities based on the level?

Pilots who are not in the Elite category are given priority at registration.

I registered on the site. Am I a priority for FFLV registration?

No. It is not possible to limit the registration to those who have pre-registered on the site. So be ready the D-Day to register on the site of the FFVL.

On the other hand, thanks to the site, you have already been able to constitute your team, and probably started to inform your team spirit. This is time saved for you, and you say that it relieves the organizing team by allowing it to anticipate the needs and spread out its activities. She thanks you! ;)

I did not register on the site. Am I excluded from the competition ?

You can always register if there is room for registration FFVL. But from experience, the list of registrants fills up quickly, so try to anticipate your decision.

Also think about consulting the team page to see if there is room in one of the teams , to welcome you. Note that there may be last-minute cancellations.

And if the maximum number of teams is not reached and you come in several, do not hesitate to create your team.

More details

Is there information missing in this presentation? Ask us your question , and we will do our best to answer it.