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Protection of private life

For the operation of the service and the promotion of the Team Trophy ('B-STOF'), we collect the following information at the time of your registration:

  • General mandatory information: Your name and first name, and the model of wing with which you declare to compete.
  • personal informations:
    • Coordinates:
      • email (mandatory), which will also serve as identifier of connection;
      • telephone number (highly recommended for security and communication reasons);
    • Your FFVL identifier (optional), to determine your Permanent and harmonize the level of teams, otherwise, your Rank in the permanent ranking of the FFVL. The absence of information from one of these two fields will prevent your team search;
    • Your club (optional);

All collected information may be processed for competition administration purposes, and possibly for performance statistics. Please also note that your surname, first name, wing and trace will be published on our website and accessible to the public as well as on the official website of the FFVL.

The above mentioned public information may also be published on the social networks of the B-STOF (in particular, but not exclusively: the facebook page of the competition).

However, your email, your telephone number and other personal information will be reserved for editors, and competitors on your team, or wishing to join it if you are a team administrator.

None of the personal information will be transmitted without your consent to third parties.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, you have the right to rectify your data, which you can exercise by contacting site administrator .

We inform you that the service of This communication is likely to take pictures and videos. If you wish to oppose the public distribution of the images in which you are represented, please inform us by email at